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Mohamed Al Marzooqi

(BSc Electrical Engineering, MSc Construction Law, FCIArb, Certified Expert Witness in UAE Courts, Registered Arbitrator in DIAC, ADCCAC, UAE Courts)

Mohamed Al Marzooqi's (ALMC) a UAE national with over 15 years experience as an Technical Expert and Arbitrator, having rights of audience in the Dubai Courts and the Ministry of Justice as well as being a registered Arbitrator with the Dubai International Arbitration Centre and Abu Dhabi Arbitration Centre. Al Marzooqi (ALMC) is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Al Marqooqi (ALMC) stands out amongst his peers with his sheer experience and expertise before the Courts in the UAE, having submitted hundreds of opinions on technical and UAE law specific matters, with a proven track record of near 98% of his opinions leading to a related finding.

Mr. Al Marzooqi (ALMC) provides expert consulting, expert opinions and expert witness services, emphasizing on construction, hospitality, Real Estate Property Disputes Expertise, IT, power and energy and electrical engineering proceedings. His breadth of experience and knowledge of the UAE Commercial Law and the laws of Civil Procedure Code and Evidence, which are complemented by his understanding of the local culture and fluency in Arabic, have made him a natural choice for government entities and national and international corporations seeking expert services on both the technical and legal aspects of Real Estate Property Disputes Expertise and project development, investment strategies and other construction industry procurement and facilitation strategies.

Further supplementing his expertise as a technical expert and arbitrator, Mr. Al Marzouqi (ALMC) is currently undertaking an M.Sc. In Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at The British University in Dubai in association with King's College in London.

An electrical engineer by training, having achieved his bachelors in Engineering from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA in 1986, Mr. Al Marzooqi (ALMC) spent the early part of his career working within the Public sector, initially for Dubai Aluminum Company between 1986 and 1998 and progressing on to a role as the Head of Power Projects for the Dubai Ministry of Electricity and Water between 1989 and 1998 and the Department of Civil Aviation as Senior Electric Engineer from 2002 to 2004.

Within the Private Sector, Mr. Al Marzouqi (ALMC) has had extensive experience within the Real Estate Property Disputes Expertise, travel and IT sectors. From 1998 – 2001, Mr. Al Marzooqi (ALMC) was the founding director of MANASIK, a public shareholding company, growing the company to have a capital of over 100,000,000 Dhs and building the man power and reach of the company beyond the UAE focusing in tourism business. His change management and business management skills were further employed in his role with Majan Gulf Real Estate Property Disputes Expertise Company (Oman), a director in Tameer Real Estate Property Disputes Expertise Development (Egypt) where he was the Managing Director from 2004–2010.

Al Marzouqi (ALMC) has had 25 years of experience, and has obtained various qualifications and professional certificates, in various aspects of infrastructure and engineering projects as well as Real Estate Property Disputes Expertise development. He has focused on a wide range of areas, from the technical analysis of electrical and engineering projects to managerial aspects, legal contractual issues and mediation of disputes.

Al Marzouqi's (ALMC) expertise in this field, has been both expansive in respect of the variety of subject matter but also in respect of the geographical breadth of his exposure to this field, having worked in the United States, the United Kingdom, various countries within the GCC.   Engineering specialized Certificates obtained 1.       Management of Infrastructure projects in the United States of America – 1985;

2.       Management of Team work under harsh circumstances – Britain 1987;

3.       Management and analysis of control centers in Electrical Network in Kuwait – 1990;

4.       Management of Executive Projects in Britain – 1994;

5.       Management of Construction Contracts in the U.S. – 1995;

6.       Management of Engineering Projects in the U.A.E. – 1998;

7.       Value Engineering – U.A.E. – 1991;

8.       Control of Engineering Projects and methods of control – U.A.E. – 1993;

9.       Electronic control in Electrical Network in Kuwait – 1990;

10.     Operation and maintenance of Electrical Generators in Bahrain – 1990;

11.     Analysis of Electrical systems in Saudi Arabia – 1990;

12.     Advanced Management for Engineering Projects – U.S.A. – 1995;

13.     How to face unexpected claims for Construction Projects in Bahrain – 1992;

14.     How to identify the requirements of construction projects in Bahrain – 1992;

15.     Betterment of productivity and cutting back cost in Turkey – 1993;

16.     Quality ISO 9000, Dubai – 1995;

  Technical inspection for equipment (approved for supply) in factories


Almarzooqi has conducted a number of field visits for inspection works for Electrical equipment to verify compliance with technical specifications agreed upon and compliance with International standard specifications which includes but not limited to:- 




Gas Turbines

Berlin – Germany


33 KV Switchgears

Berlin and Mecon, France



Oxford, Britain


Gas Turbine

Asin, Germany



Lohafra, France


Various Electrical equipment

Lion, France


33 KV Switchgear

Lion, France


SCADA System

Osaka, Japan


Communication System

Geneva, Switzerland


33 KV Cables



33 KV Cables

Mumbai, India


132 KV, 11 KV Insulators

New York, U.S.A.



Manchester, Britain


11 KV Cable Terminations

Northampton shire, Britain


33 KV Cables

Riyadh, K.S.A.


O/L Conductors



132 – 220 KV O/L Insulators



O/L Conductors



33 KV Cables

France and Germany